NO DIVING [ 6 minutes, 2002 ]

While daydreaming about a house she'll build someday, Linda decided it should have a hologram of a pool on the living room floor to entertain her guests.  This vision evolved into a video installation consisting of a room lined with live sod surrounding a pool deck.  In the center of the deck, on the floor, a 5'x7' white inset screen displays a digital video projection of life-size swimmers moving through what appears to be real water.  Patio chairs and the aroma of fresh grass allow viewers to experience the outdoors inside.  The initial reaction is one of surprise that it's a video, then the viewers become lost in an almost meditative state.  This piece was shot directly above a pool at USC with a custom-built jib arm and Sony handheld camera.  To ensure the realistic sizes of the swimmers, the focus was 18" below the surface of the water.