two 101s on 66 [ 4 minutes, 2004 ]

What attracted Linda's attention most in her route 66 footage were the tranquil, out of focus night shots of lights, signs, and structures permeating the still night.  Retaining the sound of wind, music and conversations, this work honors the capricious nature of travel.  Lights glide up and off the hood and bend through raindrops while wiper blades throw paint-like splatters across the windshield.  The deserted landscapes dotted with beaming solid white billboards fuel contemplation and possibilities.  You've got all the time in the world when you're on the road.

The title refers to a comment by an Arizona state trooper investigating a call from a concerned truck driver who spotted us standing on an overpass.  He was disappointed that it was simply two women filming traffic because "not much happens out here, it just gets hotter".  Apparently "101" is code for females.