10 / 15 [ 6-1/2 minutes, 2002 ]

Named after the two highways used on a bus trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, this video installation reveals layers of passing scenery and reflections, creating disorienting effects such as palm trees floating through homes. The driver's head serves as a cutout for the reflection on the Plexiglas behind him causing the illusion and metaphor of vehicles winding through the overpasses of the mind of one whose living is made by quietly navigating through herds of machines. This work demonstrates how infrastructure and the extensions of our bodies we call vehicles are used to facilitate a synapse between these two technological meccas. It also proves the point that a six-hour bus trip can be quite breathtaking with an open mind. Reclining bus seats, slightly offensive air fresheners, a rubber aisle mat and highway sounds recreate the road trip experience

Check back soon for video.