Linda Graveline Photo
about the artist...

Linda Graveline's background in fashion and production design in New York led her to Los Angeles, where she began experimenting with digital video, installation, photography and collage in 2002. Her first endeavor, a video installation titled NO DIVING was such a hit at the spring 2002 Brewery ArtWalk, that LACMA asked her to show it at their Muse ArtWalk event that June. She has since exhibited at Bank Gallery, the L.A. Art Show, Art in Motion at the Armory Northwest, and Burning Man festival and has done commissions for clients such as Sami Hayek and Ben Lee.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Linda was a Production Designer and Property Master, working on independent and short films with directors such as Al Pacino, Frank Whaley and Giovanni Morricone.

In fashion, as Public Relations Coordinator at AEFFE USA, she handled special event coordination, press archives, seating for the fashion shows and outdoor advertising, representing the collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, and Ozbek.

about the art...

Linda's artwork exposes and appreciates hidden layers of beauty in our surroundings, especially within seemingly mundane experiences. It reveals the depth and illusions created by reflections, shadows and movement. She sees her videos as a rapid procession of still photos.

She creates a balance of motion, anticipation, tranquility, humor and beauty and occasionally takes the experience a step further by adding tangible elements such as seating and aroma. Videos like "faster" and "the spins" challenge the eyes to keep up with the pace while "two 101's on 66" and "NO DIVING" have a meditative quality.

Her intention is to inspire people to think outside their probable reality, provoke smiles and lead the viewer into a heightened state of consciousness and possibility.

Group Exhibitions

Sauma: Design as Cultural Interface August 2007

A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA

L.A. Art Show October 2004 Santa Monica, CA
Pool Trade Show August 2004 Las Vegas, NV
Gallery Row Unveiling May 2004 Spring St. Space, Los Angeles, CA
Soundscape September 2003 SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA
Burning Man Festival August 2003 Black Rock City, NV
Summer at Bank July 2003 Bank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Urban Grace March 2003 LAFCO, Venice, CA
AIM IV: Interference Patterns Feb - April 2003 Armory Northwest, Pasadena, CA
Perseeve January 2003 Bank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
Brewery ArtWalk October 2002 Brewery Art Colony, Los Angeles, CA
Muse Art Walk June 2002 LACMA at the Brewery, Los Angeles, CA
Brewery ArtWalk April 2002 Brewery Art Colony, Los Angeles, CA

International Academy of Merchandising and Design, Chicago, IL
B.A. Merchandise Management, 1994